Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blogger Block

I've got blogger block.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus HATE her hair

See there... That's Kate. Kate of Jon and Kate plus 8.

I hate Kate's hair. I have some issues with Kate's personality, but this is not the forum for Kate bashing. This is all about bashing Kate's horrible hair.

Her hair is a perfect representation for her. It's so Deer Park esque. (Huge apologies to the residents of Deer Park).

I feel like she goes to same salon where the stylist has chunky highlights and wears all black a la Visible Changes but on a smaller scale.

Kate's hair practically screams, "Yes, I do have over 9000 kids, but I can still be cool. Look at the asymmetrical bob that I am rocking. Notice that I spike the back like an idiot."

I want nothing more than to whack the side of her hair so that its even and comb that silly spike down.

Her hair makes me cry. It saddens me. The hair products that she faithfully applies to this mess saddens me.

Oh and btw, Kate, if you're reading this... You need to whoop Cara. I don't think I support spankings, especially when a child is over 4. At that point, it's like fighting them. But, Cara needs something more than a time out.

Yeah, Kate must be crazy, if she thinks that 2001 horrible hair style is rocking...