Monday, July 28, 2008

I don't know why I still get shocked and surprised about crazy people...

I am a huge Family Feud fan. HUGE... I guess it goes back to my childhood dreams that I would be on some sort of TV game show. My biggest dream was to be on Double Dare.
I noticed that NBC is airing some sort of summer blitz of Celebrity Family Fued. My nifty Comcast vable guide alerted me that the upcoming episode would be with The Kardashian's whom I love to hate and the Sanders(as in Deion Sanders) that I really hate. I should add them to the Hate List. The Sanders that is...
Sooo... I set my DVR to record it.
Saturday afternoon, Ray and I are vegging, lying in bed, and surfing the web. I remember my nifty episode of Celebrity Family Fued, so I excitedly bring that bi-atch up.
Well, the Kardashian portion was okay. They competed against The Sanders and lost. No story there. Just the usual, Kim in some peasant top dress accentuating her boobs, not as tight as usual around her gigantic ass.
The Piece de' Resitance deals with Ed MacMahon's family. Well, I was saddened that they even had Ed on the show to begin with. The point of the show is to have the family's winnings donated to a charity of choice. Well, we all know that Ed has fallen on hard financial times. Wasn't it sad seeing him on ET wearing that huge neck brace talking abt the potential of his home to be foreclosed on?
So, anyway, I felt bad b/c I'm sure that Ed wanted that money for himself, not any damn charity.
Well, the sadness and pure irony of having Ed's broke ass on the show was odd enough. Ed's family included his wife, their son, their grandaughter, and his brother in law, Sandy. Good ole Sandy.
Wow, talk about a brother in law.
So, the question at hand, was "Name something that people spread."
So, Ray and I immediately shout, "rumors, butter".
Ed's family said things such as peanut butter and jelly. So, it gets down to Sandy and Al Roker (yes, Al is the Summer Host) says to Sandy the bro n law, "name something that people spread."
And... This... Man... Said... "I have to say it, Legs."
Yes, I guess, technically, people do spread legs, but how dare you say that on NBC's family summer blitz?
And he looked like a damn Sandy... He had sandy blond hair a la Alex P Keaton from Family Ties.

Now, wouldn't you agree? He HAS to be crazy?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Today, I think that I am crazy

Hmmh... I haven't blogged much. Busy with work, busy with my husband, busy with all of my TV watching. Just Busy.

I am revisiting my HATE list. I love the HATE list. It's so controversial. People tend to say, "hate is such a strong word." Exactly, that's why I'm using it.
So, I'm scrapping my old, original HATE list and starting a fresher one.


That I ignored NBC's The Office for so long and have just gotten addicted to it via Netflix.

That I'm not comfortable bragging or talking abt my life enough. B/C people don't know how freaking PERFECT my husband is. This is no newlywed talk. We're 11 years deep and my love for him grows every single day.

One of my BFF's lives in Country Ass Alabama, and I don't see her.

That people are crazy, but don't know it.

Punky Brewster and Swan's Crossing don't come on anymore. Nobody remember Swan's Crossing besides me.

People that quote Dave Chappelle, Martin, or Katt Williams
That I asked my husband for a nickname... Something cute like Monkey or something ending in a Y, and he's started calling me "PussyCat" not like porno, but a true pussycat.

Oh, I hate cats.
Gaining Weight

LC from the Hills is officially crazy and that hoe Lo is really causing drama

That Speidi even exists. They suck. Team Heidi is shit.

That I couldn't jump inside the TV and fight that judgemental little wench from Real World, Hollywood. (well, not really. I can't fight. But I would like to give her a major tongue thrashing.)

That I love Dakota Fanning as an actress, but she is really weird. Thanks to SNL for pointing that out. Dakota Fanning is sooo 2003. Abigal Breslin rocks!

Scary Republicans (that one is still hanging on from the original Hate List. Those mofos are scary)

That GWB is really funny, sorta like Michael Scott from The Office, but he's messed up the country, not just Dunder Mifflin.

The whole N word debate. I'm over it.

Missing Church
People that don't care abt fashion. (it's my blog, I can say what I want.)

People that don't watch TV. Uggh, pompous bastards

People that like wrestling and NASCAR

More to come.
Yeah, I'm crazy tonight.