Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Great Injustices of the World

As an activist and humanitarian, I cannot continue to write this VERY FUNNY blog without speaking on injustices that I witness. (Notice, i said very funny blog) Anyway, I think witnessing a crime and standing by watching is a much bigger crime; than the crime itself. I am so philosophical. I am now standing tall and speaking about the inequalities and injustices of this great world. I challenge you to join me in fighting the great fight and stopping these injustices.

Donnie Klang-INJUSTICE #1 So, MTV has made a mint from the Puff Daddy Making the Band series. For those of you unfamiliar; Puff AKA Diddy AKA Puffy AKA Puffy AKA Puff Daddy has a reality TV show in which he creates a band. He invites singers/rappers to audition and chronicles their audition process. He then extends the process by creating another series in which the made band is chronicled as they create their first sometimes second album. The concept was originally done on ABC and had nothing to do with Puffy. The band that was made was called, OTown or something like that. They were a NySnc/Backstreet Boys type band. Diddy has taken this concept and made it far more interesting by moving it to MTV. By interesting, I would mean, fights, lots of tattoos, and lots of ignorant cussing. So, yeah I love it. Well, the last band that he made is Day 26. They're alright. However, one of the audtioners was Donnie Klang. Donnie is an Italian dreamy Nysncish type singer. Well, once Puffy announces the band and picks the contestants that have made the band; he announces that Donnie Klang will not be a part of the band, Day 26. Donnie will be a solo singer on Puffy's label. I was immediately angry. Donnie could and should have been picked up by Jive or some other label that produced groups like NSync, Justin Timberlake, or some other teeny bopper group. Puffy is the worst kind of rich person. He gobbles up people and things, just to have them. Donnie is on this label, Bad Boy; Puffy's label. I just don think Donnie is getting the appropriate treatment that he should be getting. I just have this feeling that Puff knew that Donnie had the makings of a star, and felt that he should lock him up rather than sit by and watch Donnie get signed by another label. So, guess what? Now, Donnie is just floating on Bad Boy, Puff's label. Donnie is not being taken care of.

I'M MAD. ANGRY. I DEMAND THAT PUFF RELEASE DONNIE AND ALLOW HIM TO HAVE THE CAREER HE SHOULD HAVE. I don't like Puff. join me tomorrow, when I discuss teachers that eat in the classroom in front of their students.