Monday, September 20, 2010

10 things to take away from takers before you take yourself to the movies and they take your $9

As cool as he may be, TI cannot act. He should focus on roles like he played in ATL. That character probably wasn’t too far from his reality. This “custom-suit wearing felon’ was written to be a street, yet, smooth dude. TI has no acting skills and overacted the horrible script.

Showing Idris Elba getting out of bed with only his underwear is enough to make Black women swoon and forget the horrible script.

As ignorant as it sounds, I prefer a crackhead from England any day to a US crackhead…. That crackhead had a certain level of posh to her…

Paul Walker isn’t as horrible as some actors, but its clear that his range is quite small. Limited to fast cars and heist activities. He should be thanking his parents he’s as cute as he is, otherwise he’d be a server at your local Chilis.

Matt Dillon’s face reeks of jerk, jerk, and more jerk. It almost looks like he’s wearing a “jerk mask”.

Joy Bryant owes a Hollywood casting agent a HUGE favor for casting her is such great movies. This debt is clearly why she did this TNT/TBS movie.

Takers is taking a lot of people for a ride with this rip off of “The Italian Job” and “The Score”

Idris Elba’s original accent sucks. I like him pretending to be American- i.e. Stringer Bell.

I think Idris Elba played the same character in Takers as he did in Obsessed, another crappy flick.

Note to self: If the movie is starring Paul Walker, I should wait to catch it on Netflix vs. the box office.

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Traci said...

I haven't seen the movie, but I agree with everything you said.